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The Well Behaved Dingo is about rewilding, hiking, training and living in a van. Scherzo (Also called Scary, little big mouth, and Lil kin) is our australian cattle dog X australian kelpie pup. For the first year of her life we somewhat mistakenly trained her to be like Karen Pryor’s creative and mischevious dolphins and thus our quest for training began. Now she is well behaved… for a dingo.She was adopted from Colorado Puppy Rescue. We chose her because she had the biggest ears! Soon our necks were covered in scratches from her puppy paws, and they’ve managed to stay that way for the last two years. She flashes her ainy around many a town: portland, bozeman, missoula and boulder. She is learning to skateboard, is our pack dog and opens doors in search of babies to eat.

Sarroar and Mackenzie (and sometimes Stranger) are Scherzo’s pack. We sometimes pick up her poo, drive her to her misadventures, and dream about attending a real live Sue Ailsby seminar. Mackenzie writes poetry, and is lovingly trying to get his book published. Sarroar is for wildness, she skateboards, trains and handles all the raw meat.Our training is based on Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels. The training levels are a clicker training curriculum of behaviors that will prepare any dog to advance at whatever they choose, teaching them how to learn and willingly interact with their owner.Will the dingo become truly well behaved?
Or will I just give up and give her babies and kangaroo legs to chew on whenever she wants?
Check back and find out…

  • The Creature has cute little hooves with toes that remind me of a piglet

  • It has a thin little tail that stick straight up when it runs, like a warthog

  • The tip of its tail is white like a little truce flag waving above the grass

  • It is bluish like a donkey

  • Its ears look like yoda’s

  • Its tounge is like an anteaters

  • The fur on its head is like down

  • And inside its mouth it looks like a shark

Its name is Scherzo and she is well behaved… for a dingo.

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