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-20s with wind chill, but the dingo is nice and warm in her van. She thinks when it’s this cold she has to run anywhere she goes!

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Scary Campus

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Scherzo spent an hour off leash up at MSU today, opening doors with handicapped buttons, running along walls, eating duck poop (but not ducks!), and then, just after this picture, chasing a rabbit.

A Nice New Dog Park In Bozeman

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Now if only I could remember the name of it….

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awesome halloween dogs

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Daily lake

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We went to daily lake, it was pretty and deserted save for some windsurfers.

Swell Jaw

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The Dingo and I were at the turd (a free artificial climbing boulder off the Galligator trail) today waiting for Sarroar to come back from work and doing some bouldering when she jumped three feet into the air from a down and chomped a hornet. The dog is allergic to hornet and bee stings, but […]

We’ve reached a stage in the Dingo’s training where we’ve decided it will be easier to move forward if we extinct her reactions to certain scenarios. The dog has got pretty chill, or zen as they call it on the training levels, but there are a few key things that still get her amped up.

Breeder Bike Trailer Wreck

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Today I was witness to a moment of hilarity: a guy was pulling his baby bike trailer through the library parking lot when he clipped the curb and flipped the trailer on its side. Ten feet later he stopped, jumped off, flipped it back up. His kid seemed unphased but his wife pulled up and […]

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Flexi-leash nearly kills infant

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We were in PetSmart today and had a golden retriever run into us and then proceed to freak out on Scherzo. It’s owner was twenty feet away at the other end of the dog’s flexi leash, happily squeeking toys at the indifferent baby in her stroller. We asked her to reel in her dog and […]

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