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The Dingo and I were at the turd (a free artificial climbing boulder off the Galligator trail) today waiting for Sarroar to come back from work and doing some bouldering when she jumped three feet into the air from a down and chomped a hornet. The dog is allergic to hornet and bee stings, but […]

We’ve reached a stage in the Dingo’s training where we’ve decided it will be easier to move forward if we extinct her reactions to certain scenarios. The dog has got pretty chill, or zen as they call it on the training levels, but there are a few key things that still get her amped up.


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Its finally getting warmer out here so I’ve been doing some research on heartworm to decide what steps I should take to prevent it if any. I figured I’d post some of the information I’ve found useful. First off its important to asess the risk in your area. There’s a handy map I’ve found: So, […]

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