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Scherzo passed level 3 and level 4 on the road! woot woot.


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Scherzo’s new folding crate came yesterday and it’s huge! Oh well, better big than small. I got it on eBay so it was cheaper than if I’d bought the smaller size. I didn’t know what Scherz would think of the new crate but it was awesome, I shaped her to go in and lay down […]

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Makin Progress

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As you can see Scherzo has almost passed level 3. Yes, it has taken a long time. But I realised that its because we don’t have a house, we basically have to learn everything on the road or atleast with lots of distractions. Our main places of training are the library parking lot, Border’s, Mac’s […]

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Find more videos like this on Dazzle Learns to Blow Bubbles – Truveo Video Search.

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Scary Campus

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Scherzo spent an hour off leash up at MSU today, opening doors with handicapped buttons, running along walls, eating duck poop (but not ducks!), and then, just after this picture, chasing a rabbit.

We’ve reached a stage in the Dingo’s training where we’ve decided it will be easier to move forward if we extinct her reactions to certain scenarios. The dog has got pretty chill, or zen as they call it on the training levels, but there are a few key things that still get her amped up.

As was previously reported, Scherzo is doing very well in Petsmart. Some loose leash walking: Also, there is an evil janitor who stalks us and tries to wax us with his giant machine. Today he was finally captured on film and we are going to post his picture here in hopes that no one else […]

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I want scare to jump up and run around that fan up….there…… yes she does it a lot so it is not much to ask! This picture is from back when we had an apartment, or as I like to call it sensory deprivation chamber. Teaching your dog to go around objects or “distance” as […]

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We went to an agility “fun-run” yesterday at Paws and People, an agility and training place near Story Mill. Nancy, the owner made us feel really welcome, introduced us to everything and was really really nice. We had a great time overall, Scherzo did great she did all the obstacles and with much enthusiasm.

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around the couch that you are never never supposed to jump on! got that scherzo? no? I didn’t think so…..what level is this anyway?

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