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Mud Hiking

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We went hiking in bear canyon the other day, it was extremely muddy which kind of made it fun. Last time we were there we got lost in the woods for 2 1/2 hours.  This time we realized halfway down that we couldn’t go all the way up because of some dynamite in the area. […]

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A Nice New Dog Park In Bozeman

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Now if only I could remember the name of it….

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Daily lake

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We went to daily lake, it was pretty and deserted save for some windsurfers.

A Tree Falls

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We were hiking in the Gallatin canyon today on a trail that follows the river. We stopped to take a break and Scherzo ran up above us a bit when I heard a crack come from a big doug fur tree that had fallen recently and was leaning above Scherzo. It was held up by […]

THE HIKE: From Helena head Head east on E Custer Ave toward N Washington St and then continue on Canyon Ferry Rd/CR-430 for 7.5 miles. Turn left at Hart Ln and continue 3.7 miles. Turn right at York Rd and go 7.3 miles. Turn left at Nelson Rd, proceed 7.9 miles. Slight right at Beaver […]

Middle Cottonwood Canyon Hike

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Middle cottonwood canyon is a pretty cool hike. It was deserted the whole time we were there, possibly because it was really muddy and there was still a little bit of slushy snow in places. Although the hike is in a canyon it never really gets steep and is a pretty easy hike.

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Sype’s Canyon Trail

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Scherzo, Sarroar and I had a rather stressful departure from my mom’s house during the last stay and hit one of those points where things were just feeling bleak. Whenever that happens a good hike can really change the mood, so that’s what we were looking for when we headed up Sype’s Canyon. We had […]

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Story Mill Spur Trail

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It was horribly hot today, and we went looking for a hike wed heard about called Story Mill Trail. Turns out we tried to hike the spur, not the main trail, which was barely a hike. It went up a hill and then down in a dried up creek bed for about 1/4 of a […]

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I hate rainy days

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I woke up last night after dreaming I’d made a monstrous mess in the cabin, water was pouring out from my groin and covering everything in mud, I was thinking “Shit, how can I clean this up ?” when my mom walked in with a bemused look on her face that quickly sank to anger. […]

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We went hiking today on Story Hill, it felt like we were in Scotland with all the rolling hills and was a nice, if a little bit unexciting, hike. The trail meanders through grassy hills and was maybe a mile, we inadvertently started at the top of the trail and then looped out and came […]

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