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Makin Progress

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As you can see Scherzo has almost passed level 3. Yes, it has taken a long time. But I realised that its because we don’t have a house, we basically have to learn everything on the road or atleast with lots of distractions. Our main places of training are the library parking lot, Border’s, Mac’s […]

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-20s with wind chill, but the dingo is nice and warm in her van. She thinks when it’s this cold she has to run anywhere she goes!

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One thing to think about before living in a van with your dog is that you aren’t going to be able to leave them in there for 8 hours like you might at a house. At times, like in really cold or super hot weather you won’t be able to leave them for even an […]

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Rest Stop…secrets!

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I hate rainy days

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I woke up last night after dreaming I’d made a monstrous mess in the cabin, water was pouring out from my groin and covering everything in mud, I was thinking “Shit, how can I clean this up ?” when my mom walked in with a bemused look on her face that quickly sank to anger. […]

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As of tonight scherzo has passed her level three on the road behaviors! These are all the level one behaviors but in a new and strange place. She did some good zen and distance behaviors around lightposts while offleash and on main street in Bozeman. We also got her to target the crosswalk button. She […]

Stick And Bone

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Living in Vans With Dogs Part 2

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MODIFYING: Once you’ve bought your van you’re gonna wanna modify it. Think about what you’re going to be doing in your van, what type of climate you’ll be in, what special things you’ll need to make room for etc.

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Living in Vans With Dogs Part 1

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BUYING: Welcome to wonderful world of van living, your van is going to be your home so you better like the one you buy.

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