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awesome halloween dogs

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As was previously reported, Scherzo is doing very well in Petsmart. Some loose leash walking: Also, there is an evil janitor who stalks us and tries to wax us with his giant machine. Today he was finally captured on film and we are going to post his picture here in hopes that no one else […]

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around the couch that you are never never supposed to jump on! got that scherzo? no? I didn’t think so…..what level is this anyway?

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Bedding Down For The Night

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Bedding Down For The NightOriginally uploaded by bermudi camping out at Petosee hot springs, scherzo made herself a little bed. She laid there for a while while I made some food, then she spotted a moose about a quarter mile away on the hill. This is the second time we’ve seen a moose when we […]

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To The Slew

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a funny video of me huffing and puffing trying to keep up with the running dogs, and avoid gopher holes.

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Intro You just aren’t going to strong arm your dog into skateboarding, but luckily with positive reinforcement your dog can achieve great feats. Jump on to see dogs on treadmills, skateboards, two legged dogs walking up right, and even a Chinese Dalmation on a bike. Often the owners of these dogs present their animals […]

Go to Mat, Attack (not part of levels), Treat Eating (not part of levels)…

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