As you can see Scherzo has almost passed level 3. Yes, it has taken a long time. But I realised that its because we don’t have a house, we basically have to learn everything on the road or atleast with lots of distractions. Our main places of training are the library parking lot, Border’s, Mac’s dad’s work, Mac’s mom’s house (where there are 3 other dogs) etc. So Scherz has passed all of level 3 on the road, and most of level 4, she has also passed about half of level 4. So, I guess the fact that it took over a year to get through level three doesn’t sound so bad now. She’s so awesome. Today we tested level 3 and 4 on the road stuff. She was a bit distracted and I was suprised because shes used to going new places, but then on the way out we realised that thing that had had her only a little distracted was a deer!