Scherzo continues to learn the ways of calm and attention in indoor settings. Today we did a drive-by-training at The Country Bookshelf, a bookstore downtown that is dog friendly. She did awesome, stopping as I stopped, watching where I went when the aisle split up. Then we came to a set of stairs in the back of the store. I didn’t notice at first but the stairs have a rug then a second springier carpeting. The dingo found this irresistible. She got jazzed and started running up the stairs, not so fast to pull, to definitely not paying attention. At the top she through herself onto her back and wiggled her body left and right. I could only laugh.

    After we regained our composure we walked back down the stairs and up again, this time stopping every second stair and standing for a count of three, then treating. She got the point and on the second ascent walked as calm as before. We cruised out of there, lesson learned.

We headed for the turd, the artificial boulder on the Galligator where you can boulder for free. Sarroar, despite feeling a bit sick, jumped on and sailed around a clockwise traverse we’d been working on for the last week. She did it like it was nothing. I fell off half way around, twice. Sarroar and her go go gadget climbing muscles win again.