STUNG AGAIN!! The Dingo and I were at the turd (a free artificial climbing boulder off the Galligator trail) today waiting for Sarroar to come back from work and doing some bouldering when she jumped three feet into the air from a down and chomped a hornet. The dog is allergic to hornet and bee stings, but I wasn’t afraid because she’d been snacking on them for last two months or so without any swelling.

I even thought that she might have gotten over her allergy as many of them as she’s chomped. So I went back to climbing, laughing at her acrobatic hunting prowess. A bit later Sarroar showed up and was hanging out with the dog in the shade when she noticed a lump on her muzzle the size of an egg. My heart started doing the hundred thumps a second dash as I realized her baby benedryl was a mile back at the car and her tongue could swell up way before then.

But the dog seemed indifferent, was breathing fine and uber relaxed, which alleviated a bit of my worry. Still, we headed straight for the van and the benedryl, hoping there wouldn’t be anything on the way to get her excited and make the swelling worse.

We hoofed it most of the mile without incident, but then, in sight of the van, a rabbit bounced right out into the middle of the trail, looked at the dog, cocked one ear back and the other to the side and proceeded to run, not back into the brush from which it had come, but at us. We all froze. My hands swelled around the leash. The rabbit dodged around us, bolted into the open grass and circled just out of reach of the dog, who had snapped back into her instinctual role as it passed by. Ears back, head down, the Dingo was bounding in place, trying to circle after the rabbit but stuck two feet out from where I had the grip of death on her leash. Some form of sense returned to the rabbits penny size cerebellum and it bounced back into the bush. I jogged past the brush, and in a few seconds the Dingo had returned to her usual self, walking loose leash back to the van where we managed to convince her to gulp down a few teaspoons of bubble gum flavored benedryl with a half can of tripe.