Breeder Bike Trailer Wreck

13 Sep 2008 In: Day-to-Day

Today I was witness to a moment of hilarity: a guy was pulling his baby bike trailer through the library parking lot when he clipped the curb and flipped the trailer on its side. Ten feet later he stopped, jumped off, flipped it back up. His kid seemed unphased but his wife pulled up and had the face of death on. Ahhh breeders, there’s just nothing they can manage!

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House Sized Dog Poop

25 Aug 2008 In: General Dingo Philosophy


photo by LessRoads

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Flexi-leash nearly kills infant

24 Aug 2008 In: Day-to-Day

We were in PetSmart today and had a golden retriever run into us and then proceed to freak out on Scherzo. It’s owner was twenty feet away at the other end of the dog’s flexi leash, happily squeeking toys at the indifferent baby in her stroller. We asked her to reel in her dog and she politely obliged: Yank, Zip, Clunk, Yank, Sip, Clunk. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dead dog at the supermarket

22 Aug 2008 In: Day-to-Day

I was sitting in the van at the grocery store today waiting for Sarroar to come back when a frumpy woman came out pushing a cart full of groceries. I’m not especially interested in watching people put their groceries away but this lady looked a bit haggard and I had nothing else to do while I listened to the radio. Read the rest of this entry »

Scherzo continues to learn the ways of calm and attention in indoor settings. Today we did a drive-by-training at The Country Bookshelf, a bookstore downtown that is dog friendly. She did awesome, stopping as I stopped, watching where I went when the aisle split up. Then we came to a set of stairs in the back of the store. I didn’t notice at first but the stairs have a rug then a second springier carpeting. The dingo found this irresistible. She got jazzed and started running up the stairs, not so fast to pull, to definitely not paying attention. At the top she through herself onto her back and wiggled her body left and right. I could only laugh.

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As was previously reported, Scherzo is doing very well in Petsmart.
Some loose leash walking:

Also, there is an evil janitor who stalks us and tries to wax us with his giant machine. Today he was finally captured on film and we are going to post his picture here in hopes that no one else has to suffer like we have.
evil janitor...captured!
Nightmares about being waxed…shudder.

We also went to Border’s (bookstore) today. Scherzo did really well although she could have been more proffessional. She really enjoyed rubbing against the leather chairs, rolling on the carpet, and took a good long air-conditioned nap with plenty of stretching on the way out the door.

Tonight is the second agility fun run…we’ll see how it goes…

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I want scare to jump up and run around that fan up….there…… yes she does it a lot so it is not much to ask! This picture is from back when we had an apartment, or as I like to call it sensory deprivation chamber. Teaching your dog to go around objects or “distance” as Sue Eh? calls it is a really fun game. Judging from talk on the training levels yahoo group, though, lots of people have a hard time with it. Scare can go around a couch and poles from 10 feet away, so I’ll let you all in on my secrets… Read the rest of this entry »

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dog chews off owners toe

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We went to an agility “fun-run” yesterday at Paws and People, an agility and training place near Story Mill. Nancy, the owner made us feel really welcome, introduced us to everything and was really really nice. We had a great time overall, Scherzo did great she did all the obstacles and with much enthusiasm. Read the rest of this entry »

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around the couch that you are never never supposed to jump on! got that scherzo? no? I didn’t think so…..what level is this anyway?

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