A Cat Bigger Than The Dingo

1 Aug 2008 In: General Dingo Philosophy

check this out: a 44 pound fat cat!!

“I want chicken, I want liver, meow mix , meow mix, please deliver”

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A Tree Falls

29 Jul 2008 In: Day-to-Day, Hikes

We were hiking in the Gallatin canyon today on a trail that follows the river. We stopped to take a break and Scherzo ran up above us a bit when I heard a crack come from a big doug fur tree that had fallen recently and was leaning above Scherzo. It was held up by just a few branches, not even propped, just suspended by some of its branches and the other trees. I called the dog, she was maybe fifteen feet off, and she walked over to me. A second later a branch gave, then another, and whomp the tree dropped right where she was. They call those half fallen trees widow makers, but I’ve never seen one so big fall on its own before. I could feel it hit in my feet.

Scherzo conquers pet smart

24 Jul 2008 In: Clicker Training, Day-to-Day

janitorWhether it was fate or the absence of the janitor who loves to chase us with the floor polisher, Scherzo shined at PetSmart today after two weeks without going. Amid the squeaky toys and Boston Terriers frantically scratching at the slick floor, Scherzo walked in calm. Sarroar realized that clicking her for walking loose might help and it took her to the next level. There was a moment of confusion when she smelled spilled kitty litter and peed on the floor, which was soon forgotten as she calmly layed and watched a very excited weimerainer attempt to get weighed with a barage of choking and chanting.

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Some days are meh

23 Jul 2008 In: Day-to-Day

Today we did laundry and cleaned out the van first thing. We’re getting ready to go camping for a couple of weeks and the van needed a good cleaning first. But it eneded up taking the whole morning instead of just the two hours we’d expected. Of course, the rest of the day followed suit.

I’d volunteered for a psych study I thought payed $60 for four hours of testing, but at the end of the session today I found out it was only $30. Then we went to the boulder on the Galligator to do some climbing but there was some yuppy family there with a crazy dog. We tried to wait them out but they just wouldn’t leave. Their dog, a huge husky/german sheperd cross kept running up to the people and dogs who passed by and jumping on them. But the owners were oblivious. Then, the stupidest cat in the world made an appearance. It ran out of the grass on the path, right in front of the obnoxious off leash dog , who chased it up the trail at us. Needless to say this got Scherzo riled. So we headed to the library.
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Hail Storms

22 Jul 2008 In: Day-to-Day

We were in Bozeman today when the worst hail storms I’ve ever seen whipped through. The hail was bigger than marbles. The wind laid all the trees to a steep angle, and as the rain and hail bombarded the van I could see us lifting off in the wind, sailing with the storm as she blew east, making the ground white, telling everyone “there is no place I can not touch.”

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Bedding Down For The Night

19 Jul 2008 In: Day-to-Day, Video

Bedding Down For The Night
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camping out at Petosee hot springs, scherzo made herself a little bed. She laid there for a while while I made some food, then she spotted a moose about a quarter mile away on the hill. This is the second time we’ve seen a moose when we were at a hotspring. Ofcourse the last time was years ago, and it was a baby and a mom walking 25 yards away. Pretty cool to see moose though, especially remembering that more people are killed by moose encounters than bear.

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To The Slew

10 Jul 2008 In: Day-to-Day, Video

a funny video of me huffing and puffing trying to keep up with the running dogs, and avoid gopher holes.

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THE HIKE: From Helena head Head east on E Custer Ave toward N Washington St and then continue on Canyon Ferry Rd/CR-430 for 7.5 miles. Turn left at Hart Ln and continue 3.7 miles. Turn right at York Rd and go 7.3 miles. Turn left at Nelson Rd, proceed 7.9 miles. Slight right at Beaver Creek Rd and look for the trailhead in 4.5 miles. The Dingo rates this hike a 10/10 babies. She imagines she’s here whenever she starts spinning circles and running for joy!
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Refrigerator Canyon is one of those rare places that make the world seem fresh. A place where if you can convince yourself something like it waits just around the next bend, you can imagine a world of constant wonder.

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floor sleeperOne thing to think about before living in a van with your dog is that you aren’t going to be able to leave them in there for 8 hours like you might at a house. At times, like in really cold or super hot weather you won’t be able to leave them for even an hour. Scherzo is left alone about an hour a day, and never more than 2 1/2 hours. Luckily for most people leaving their dogs behind is a regrettable habit, and once you are freed from work by a house-free life you will be able to spend all day with your dog.

One thing I did well with Scherzo is teach her to spend time away from us, without doing it before she was ready or causing her any stress. Since there was no pressing need (like work) to leave her it took more than a year to get to the point that I felt good about it. Some people were so surprised that we never left her alone, my reply was simple “I like spending time with my dog.” I like taking her everywhere, but sometimes I do need to leave her in the van, like when she’s too tired to keep going.

The other day when we came back from the coffee shop I opened the door to the van, looked around and didn’t see Scherzo anywhere. For a second I was worried, then I noticed her, lying on the floor of the driver seat, her head under the gas pedal. Of a bed, two chairs, and her huge den, she chose that spot. It wasn’t too hot, but it was probably coolest down there. When I opened the door she didn’t want to move, and flopped back down and finished her nap. It was pretty cute.

For new van dwellers, don’t forget to make sure your dog is comfortable in the van before you leave her there for long periods of time. Start out with short periods of time and move to longer ones. One thing I did was just sit in the car with her, then sit very quietly, eventually its as if you aren’t there. This way you can get a feel for what your dog will be doing while you are gone. Do they get upset by passing dogs or people, do they immediatly pass out (Scherzo does), do they chew everything in sight?

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New Clicker Tricks

15 Jun 2008 In: Clicker Training, dog training

Well I’m tired of all Scherzo’s tricks. creepy crawly, do-si-do, spin, highfive, hi-ho etc have been done to death. And if I feel that way you know scherzo does! time to move on… So, lets see what should we work on now? how bout:

“Air Raid”- run and lay under my bent knees

“under”- go under my chair and lay down

“to the stars”- jump into my arms

more weaving through my legs


creepy crawly from a distance

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